Non-chemotherapeutic Interventions for the Improvement of Quality of Life and Immune Function in Patients With Multiple Myeloma

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This clinical trial investigates the effect of non-chemotherapeutic interventions in patients with multiple myeloma. Non-chemotherapeutic interventions such as physical activity and nutritional interventions (e.g., modifications in diet) have been shown to positively affect the immune system and improve overall quality of life. Another purpose of this study is for researchers to learn how the addition of a beta-blocker (propranolol) to the standard treatment regimen in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma affects immune response and quality of life. A study from the Mayo Clinic looked at multiple myeloma patients who were on a beta-blocker while undergoing chemotherapy and found that the use of a beta-blocker resulted in improved patient survival outcomes. Non-chemotherapeutic treatment options may help decrease symptoms and improve quality of life for patients with multiple myeloma.

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Improving Host Factors in Patients with Monoclonal Gammopathies

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