Testicular Cancer

Germ cells are the reproductive cells that develop in humans during earliest gestation.
“Coming to Roswell Park gave me assurance and confidence that I could beat cancer.”

Testicular cancer occurs when cells in one or both of the testicles begin to grow erratically and become malignant.

Being that the scrotal sac, including the testicles, can be a highly sensitive area for men, you may be wondering if pain is a symptom of testicular cancer, but that rarely is the case.
Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 20 and 35, including some men who hope to become fathers in the future. Whether the treatment plan includes surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, the patient's fertility can be at risk.

One reason this finding is so exciting is that we can now focus on the X chromosome to find the gene mutations that put women at higher risk of ovarian cancer and men at higher risk of testicular cancer.

The cause of testicular cancer is unknown. Learn the risk factors that increase the chance of developing this disease.

Young adult survivor, J.G., shares his experience with testicular cancer and how the largest, annual young adult cancer convention helped him get his life back on track.