Side effects

We offer several specialized techniques to help patients with incontinence, including dietary consultation, physical therapy with a pelvic floor expert, and sacral nerve stimulation.
“Coming to Roswell Park gave me assurance and confidence that I could beat cancer.”
Side effects may occur during or after treatment and may occur anywhere in the body and many side effects are treatable.
Constipation can have many causes. For cancer patients, some of these may be directly related to your cancer treatment, such as certain drugs and pain relievers, or indirectly, such as changes in your diet, activity and mood.
Learn how the side effects of immunotherapy may differ from those of chemotherapy.

To help relieve pain and stabilize spinal fractures, Roswell Park first began offering patients a technique known as vertebral augmentation, specifically kyphoplasty, in 2001. “We were the first clinic in Western New York to offer vertebral augmentation for cancer patients, and our experience makes a difference,” Dr. Alberico notes.

Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) is a serious complication that may occur after a patient undergoes a blood or organ transplant.