Roswell Park

The all-volunteer art committee is charged with overseeing the selection, installation and maintenance of the artwork displayed at Roswell Park.

Across the Roswell Park campus, waste of all kinds is collected for recycling. From fluorescent light bulbs and cell phones to refrigeration gases and wooden pallets, virtually every item is converted into something new or passed along for reuse.

A hallmark of a comprehensive cancer center — comprehensive and multidisciplinary care — means that specialists from different medical disciplines collaborate to plan, evaluate and deliver cancer treatment.

At Roswell Park, he enrolled on a clinical trial evaluating a drug combination that would later become known as “7 and 3,” for the dosing schedule of two drugs — seven days of cytarabine followed by three days of daunorubicin.

As we celebrate the 120th anniversary of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, we recognize that what we have accomplished would have been impossible without the financial support of our community.

Among the more than 450 active volunteers at Roswell Park is a dedicated mother-daughter duo who have made a special impact on patients.

Living alone in a humble apartment above his store, Waldemar Kaminski had a very big secret — and Roswell Park had to help him keep it.

You never know what’s going to happen when Bruce Baum starts rolling through the Roswell Park hallways with a cart full of surprises. One thing’s for sure — you’ll be amazed and amused.

Hope was the driving force behind the new Roswell Park logo, which led us to ask our social media followers what the word means to them. The responses were powerful and, of course, inspired hope.
Exciting new changes are in the works at Roswell Park, just in time for our 120th anniversary!
Art helps reduce stress by providing a happy distraction from medical worries. Now Roswell Park is introducing new ways for patients and visitors to enjoy the creations of Western New York's talented artists.
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