Meet the Team

Jessie Reardon, BSN, RN, wanted to be a special education teacher for years. But when someone close to her was diagnosed with brain tumors, Reardon spent a lot of time keeping them company at the former Women and Children’s Hospital.
The Phlebotomy Department includes 15 technicians who work quickly to draw blood for important laboratory tests necessary for patients to get the care they need, with results processed in a matter of hours. 
“Taking a hands-on approach to lymphedema management and consistently updating the patient on their plan of care represents the gold standard of care."
"I knew once I graduated that Roswell Park was where I wanted to be.”
Oncology nursing provides the opportunity and privilege to interact with patients and their families at a difficult time in their lives. We are caregivers, cheerleaders, confidants and, in many cases, close friends.
"When I was in medical school, I found that my interest really lay in neurology. I didn't know what part of neurology exactly until I did my rotation in neuro-oncology and everything just clicked."
When asked what interests her more about her work – being a clinician or a researcher – Dr. Griffiths answers that both do.
Nutritional needs and challenges are different for every cancer patient. Roswell Park's RDNs can make personalized recommendations to help you manage any side effects of treatment and stay healthy into the future.
“I experienced the wonderful feeling of being able to provide real hope to people suffering from cancer.”
Dr. Wooten's grandfather was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer the summer before she began her medical education at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Her family's experience during that time has shaped the way she cares for her own patients at Roswell Park.

Work and community — two things that most people care about deeply — rarely overlap as much as they do for Rodney Haring, PhD, MSW, Director of the Center for Indigenous Cancer Research (CICR) at Roswell Park C

APPs are essential members of your clinical team at Roswell Park. How are they trained, and what types of things are they qualified to do?