Meet the Team

“Working at Roswell Park offers me the opportunity to combine my research skills with clinical work, especially with patients suffering from AML."

From a very young age, LaToyia Malcolm, MS, BSN, BA, RN, knew she wanted to work in something medicine- or science-related, but it took a while for her to become a nurse.

“No matter what you walk into, you know you’re always going to be helping someone,” she says. “We can tell, on our floor, the patients are so appreciative. That makes my job easier, knowing the patients are so grateful for the care they experience.”
“Time really does fly when you’re having fun and happy and love what you do.”
"What will the future of cancer care look like and what is Roswell Park’s role going to be in that new vision for the future around digital health?"
As the oldest of six siblings, he thinks the ability to care for people is second nature for him.
The six pediatric nurses at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center are often called upon to do more than other specialties: They need to help children, some too young to talk or understand what’s happening, through a scary and difficult time, while also comforting and supporting their parents and caregivers.
“People need to go through those emotions and they need to have someone who can help take care of them."
“I realized that, instead of holding onto my negative feelings, I could turn it into something positive by giving back to people going through cancer just like John did.”
"I love being a research nurse because I feel like I make a difference in the care of my patients."
“It’s a matter of how you occupy your day. How do you occupy your life? You get up, you make breakfast, you get dressed. What are the things you do during the day? That’s what we focus on.”
“Everyone’s qualified, so passionate, so positive, and that’s what gets us to the point where we can complete the common goal, to give the patients as much care and treatment success as possible."