Endoscopy Center

Barrett’s esophagus is considered a precancerous condition, however the vast majority of people with the condition do not develop cancer.
Video endoscopies are performed to look at areas that are hard to reach with a standard endoscopy.
"Even among those cysts that are deemed pre-cancerous, very few of them end up becoming cancerous."
Although this is a rare and traditionally difficult-to-treat cancer, we’ve made important advances in understanding the biology of this disease and completing large clinical trials that will lead to a new standard of care all over the world.
Last year, Roswell Park served over 31,000 active patients — more than ever before. To meet the needs of that growing population, in 2014 the Institute launched new services to provide the most advanced patient care.

When diagnosing or treating cancer, a less-invasive procedure often leads to better outcomes and fewer risks.