Community Outreach

Colorectal cancer is curable if caught early, and the way to catch it early is through a colonoscopy.
"The mission of the COE is to assure that all cancer patients and communities in Western New York can benefit from, and have access to, all the clinical and scientific advances accomplished at Roswell Park.” 
“It brings me joy because he feels joy when he gives back to others. That’s who he’s been since he was a toddler."

CICR is excited to announce our Two-Spirt project titled, “Adapting Colorectal Cancer Outreach and Screening for Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ and Urban populations.” This project, funded by a one-year grant from the National Institutes of Health will engage Two-Spirit a

Every day is a good day to be Indigenous, and this fall, CICR has had several opportunities to take part in celebrating the resiliency and strength of Indigenous Peoples and communities.

In the beginning of 2020, we announced our new Center for Indigenous Cancer Research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. We knew our team was going to expand and more space was crucial as our programming developed.

The Center for Indigenous Cancer Research (CICR) team at Roswell Park is growing. We’d like to introduce you to three new colleagues, Shannon Seneca, PhD; Corinne Abrams, MPH, a

You may have seen advertisements for the Screen to Save program on social media, your local Pennysaver, or in the Talking Circle e-newsletter.

As we have reached the latter part of 2021, our patient navigators have undergone extensive  training and have been hard at work in the field.

“We want to go from 70% of lung cancers being diagnosed when surgery is not an option to 70% diagnosed when most can be,” Dr. Reid says.

Learning that you have been diagnosed with cancer can be difficult news to process. Many factors can contribute to such a diagnosis, which is why “going to your doctor and staying ahead of the game” is one of the best ways to catch cancer early on.

Student workers have been beautifying the Fruit Belt community, helping patients navigate their appointments within the center and adding to their resumes in unexpected ways.