Clinical Trials

Because Roswell Park conducted some of the first clinical trials for the drug, patients here have had early access to this novel targeted anticancer therapy.

Chuck Schliecher has hepatitis C to thank for being a liver cancer survivor.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Mukherjee, Jody and the entire team at Roswell Park. From the first moment I walked through the doors into the lobby and up to the first floor GI office at Roswell Park, I knew I was in the right place.”
Lymphoma is broadly a cancer of the lymphatic system, an important part of the body’s immune defense against infection and disease
“I was given a choice to see a doctor at another facility, but because of what I know about my wife’s work and the cutting- edge research and treatment at Roswell Park, of course I went to Roswell Park.”
“The immune system is a powerful tool, and only in the last decade have we really begun to tap into its potential as a cancer-fighting powerhouse,” Dr. Puzanov says.
“Cancer patients have to be warriors all the time, but I don’t consider myself one. I had a lot of help from everyone at Roswell — the positivity from everyone at the front desk, the nurses and everyone I met."
“Other than a shot once a month, I’m in no pain,“ Judi says. “Instead, I’ve already lived three years longer than I thought I would at the beginning of this diagnosis. I’m happy to be alive and feeling well, and one day, I hope to ring that Victory Bell at Roswell Park.”

Dr. Wang and her Roswell Park colleagues travel the world to identify new clinical trials for leukemia for our patients at Roswell Park. "Our patients should have access to the same trials as patients in Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco."

Dr. Lee says hopes are high for the success of immunotherapies targeting multiple myeloma: “I think we’re seeing a major change in the way we take care of the disease.”

In 2012, Laurie Rich, PhD, arrived at Roswell Park to begin his doctoral work under the mentorship of Mukund Seshadri, PhD, DDS, Chair of Oral Oncology. He arrived at the same time as a very important piece of equipment, and as some crucial research was taking place.

Many different kinds of psychological interventions can help cancer patients deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of cancer and its treatment. One type of intervention that has shown great promise is mindfulness, and a mindfulness study is now open at Roswell Park for patients with advanced breast cancer.