As in Wayne’s case, cholangiocarcinoma is often discovered incidentally during other medical tests because it typically does not cause any noticeable symptoms until late stages.

February 14, known to many as Valentine’s Day, is also World Cholangiocarcinoma Day, an international effort to raise awareness about a very rare but aggressive type of cancer.

Although this is a rare and traditionally difficult-to-treat cancer, we’ve made important advances in understanding the biology of this disease and completing large clinical trials that will lead to a new standard of care all over the world.
While cholangiocarcinoma is a rare disease that affects just two out of 100,000 people, it can have a great impact on a patient’s bodily functions during and after treatment.

While no one wants to think about the big “C” word when faced with an unknown medical ailment, it’s important for patients with abnormalities of the liver to rule out cancer. Prompt, accurate diagnosis is the first step to any successful treatment.