Cancer Diagnosis

PanHeme is a test that uses next-generation gene sequencing technology to diagnose blood cancers.

Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are uncommon cancers that are commonly misdiagnosed as another condition causing delays in diagnosis and care.

Diagnosing skin cancer early — and accurately — is the key to treating it most effectively, and perhaps the most important tool for getting the accurate diagnosis is a biopsy technique called a punch biopsy.
“I also appreciated that all of my appointments were at the same facility and that the doctors worked as a group to discuss the results of my various tests."

Biopsies are fundamental to diagnosing cancer and monitoring results of its treatment. Patients awaiting the outcome of a cancer biopsy face having an enormous weight being put on – or lifted from – their shoulders.

Whether it’s a lump or a mass where there shouldn’t be, a shadow on an X-ray or scan, or an unusual-looking mole, polyp or lesion, any suspicion of cancer is unsettling.

It can be difficult to make decisions, especially when you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis. For most cancers, there are many treatment options, depending on the type and extent of the disease, any other health conditions you have and other treatments you have received.

While no one is ever prepared for a cancer diagnosis, following these tips can help you learn more about your diagnosis, choose the right treatment, and find your way forward to better health.

We asked our Facebook followers to share the first signs or symptoms they experienced before being receiving their cancer diagnosis.
The last time I visited Roswell Park it was without my sister Elise. I went alone. I was still in the emotional turmoil of grieving her loss. I was very much looking forward to visiting some of her doctors and attempting to “connect to her,” and to the previous life I had with her.
The presence of blood in the urine, also called hematuria, is present in 80-90% of patients at the time of diagnosis. “Some people figure it’s caused by an infection or kidney stone and don’t take care of the problem,” says Dr. Guru.

For one man, the first sign came when he mixed up words while ordering lunch in a restaurant. For a little girl, it began with a loss of balance and changes in hearing.