Navigating cancer information online

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This Care Conversation is part of a monthly speaker series at Roswell Park.

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In a world where most of us are connected to our digital devices from sunup to sundown, it’s important for cancer patients and caregivers to know how to tell the difference between helpful online healthcare information and plain old digital snake oil. Whether you grew up using the Dewey Decimal System at your local library or you’re a social media pro without much knowledge about cancer, you will learn something new at the next Care Conversation titled, “Health Information on the Web: Where Do I Start?” on Tuesday, March 19, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

In the spirit of supporting patient and caregiver schedules and their comfort levels with technology, the session is offered both in person at The 11 Day Power Play Cancer Resource Center and digitally via Microsoft Teams Webinar. Presented by Susan LaValley, PhD, Director of Patient Education Services at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, you’ll learn how to identify current and accurate health information and spot red flags on social media and online. Importantly, you’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions about various sources so that you can distinguish between reliable information and health misinformation. 

Care Conversations is a monthly speaker series for Roswell Park patients and caregivers to support, encourage and educate. A 45-minute presentation is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. The series occurs on the third Tuesday of every month, at 11 a.m., and takes place in The 11 Day Power Play Cancer Resource Center on the first floor of the hospital by the Tower Elevators. You may also attend virtually via Microsoft Teams. (You’ll receive the meeting ID and passcode after registering.) Register today by calling 716-845-8659, option 1 or RSVP here.

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Mark your calendar for future Care Conversations on the third Tuesday of every month. Future topics include:

  • Cancer and Fertility (April) 
  • What is a Survivorship Care Plan and Should I Have One (May) 
  • Roswell Park’s Cancer Coach Program (June) 
  • How Mindfulness Can Support You in Your Cancer Journey (July) 
  • Cancer and Cannabis (August) 

Care Conversations in the Resource Center are generously supported by donor dollars through our Quality-of-Life Program.