Empowering Roswell Park nurses to reach new heights

bogner nursing center

There are more than 700 nurses who have dedicated their careers to caring for patients at Roswell Park. These highly skilled individuals bring their expertise and compassion to work every day for the sake of the tens of thousands of people coming to Roswell Park in search of hope.

Now, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is putting an added emphasis on nursing professional development, practice and research with the opening of the Marie Bogner Center for Nursing Excellence. Through a generous legacy gift, longtime Roswell Park supporter Marie Bogner provided for the complete renovation of a professional development space for our nursing staff.

Comprehensive care is what sets Roswell Park apart. The Marie Bogner Center for Nursing Excellence allows nurses to provide the latest integrated care to cancer patients in a profession that is changing and advancing at a brisk pace. The new center includes state-of-the-art devices and equipment in a realistic simulation lab environment. These new renovations enable our nursing staff to learn the latest techniques, guidance and best practices to better equip them to care for our cancer patients.

“This new space really demonstrates that there’s a value placed on what nurses bring to the table at Roswell Park,” said Mary Ann Long, RN, MS, former Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer.

“We want to be able to deliver the latest, the most advanced care to our patients,” said Andrew Storer, PhD, DNP, FNP-C, ACNP-BC, FAANP, Vice President and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer. “The technology, the science, the literature is changing so much that we have to provide education on an ongoing basis to ensure our nurses are delivering that when they provide care in patient care areas.”

Creating the Marie Bogner Center for Nursing Excellence with all relevant resources dedicated to professional development and advancement demonstrates Roswell Park’s commitment to both nurses and patients. Nurses are in high demand around the globe. Placing an emphasis on their invaluable work at Roswell Park will offer a seldom seen opportunity for nurses striving to use their skills alongside other top clinicians here in Buffalo. It shows an intentional investment in their careers and contributions to medical care.

“Nurses are the individuals who spend the majority of their time at the bedside,” Mary Ann Long said. “We want to not only educate nurses but empower nurses as well to be the best clinicians they can possibly be, the best patient advocates.”

In addition to the physical space, the Department of Nursing is working to incorporate protected time into nurses’ schedules devoted to professional development. This effort, tied to the Continuous Clinical Advancement Program, complements the creation of this enhanced space for Roswell Park nurses to learn. The nursing staff is encouraged to aim high and chase career goals that align with their expertise and interests. The program will give nurses the time and freedom to work toward their ambitions and ideas to continue to improve care, while the space provides them with a convenient, dedicated location in which to do just that.

Taking this initiative one step further, donors have made it possible to create an endowment to provide the Marie Bogner Center for Nursing Excellence with a vital and stable source of funding to ensure the continuation and expansion of the program and maintain this core resource for our nurses for years to come. The support of generous donors like you are making a profound impact on the advancement of innovative patient care at Roswell Park for decades to come.

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