Best Movies for Cancer Patients

Film has the power to transport us to another time and place. Movies can make us laugh, cry, scream and so much more. And, when dealing with a cancer diagnosis, “leaving” your current situation for even the briefest moment can provide a much-needed respite. Our Facebook followers shared their top picks to watch during cancer treatment:

  • Young Frankenstein is my favorite comedy movie. Sure to make people smile & forget about their concerns. — Tom
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Uncle Buck, Elf, Animal House, Old School. — Christine
  • I watched Elf! Oh, and my friend Diane brought over Magic Mike. That helped take my mind off treatment! — Kelly
  • Anything that takes the mind in another direction for a while. — Debbie
  • Robin Williams in Patches. — Cherie
  • I had very advanced Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1990, and the night before each chemo session, I'd watch Alien and Aliens. I really identified with Ripley in the first movie, who had to venture out in the darkness of the ship full of her dead comrades, trying to save herself and her cat against an implacable foe. She was armed only with one rifle, and knew she probably wasn't going to make it. The smart thing would have been to just sit and wait for the unstoppable alien to get her, but instead, she picked up her rifle and stepped out into the darkness. — Claire
  • Loved watching Ridiculousness while I was there...I know it's not a movie. Laughter sure helped my roommate vomit quicker and get it over with, and she said she felt better. Any funny videos. — Kathleen
  • I watched Creed for the first time during my R-CHOP...It was inspiring, but when Rocky got cancer, it was very emotional and hit home…but he fought through it, and I sure as hell was gonna keep going. — John
  • I’d say Lion King, but I was just a kid when I was diagnosed at the time. — Casey

Looking for a movie or documentary specifically about cancer or a cancer patient? Here are some options:

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