Doctor by Day, Actor by Night


Dr. Roy Vongtama's new movie documents a young man’s journey with cancer

Buffalo native, Roy Vongtama, MD, is a board-certified radiation oncologist, a working actor, and an executive producer. His impressive yet unconventional career is the result of an unwillingness to settle. “I refused to believe I could only be one thing,” he said. 

He relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from UB Medical School and completing a research internship at Roswell Park. His dual passion was welcomed at UCLA, where he had the freedom to practice medicine by day while training to be an actor at night.

He recently returned to Western New York to attend the Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival and preview his latest movie, "After the Rain," — a true story about a young man’s journey with terminal cancer.

The film brings up difficult questions about life and death and the importance of enjoying every moment. “We all need to enjoy the moments we have and do the things that really matter to us,” said Dr. Vongtama. “Because when we don’t, we get put in situations that remind us. And sometimes that reminder is a cancer diagnosis.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Dr. Vongtama’s life, his motivation for producing the film, and his advice for cancer patients, family and friends.

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