70 Years of Impact

Celebrating Roswell Park's Longest-Standing Employee, Dr. Edwin Mirand

In 1951, Edwin A. Mirand, PhD, DSc became a permanent employee of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. What would have been impossible to know at the time was just how permanent a fixture he would truly become.

At that time, he was not new to Roswell Park, as he began working on the weekends under the direction of Dr. Louis Kress and Mr. William Payne in 1946.

Dr. Mirand’s interest in the fields of medicine and cancer research grew from a very young age. His mother came from an academically-oriented family and she, herself, wanted to be a doctor, but was not encouraged to do so. His grandfather was close with the third director of Roswell Park as well.

When he was hired at the Institute, it was as the head of the biology department. From there he would go on to hold many posts, but during those early years, he was excited at the potential of having a positive impact.

“I was able to develop my cancer research programs and aid Dr. Louis Kress in his public educational programs. One educational program that fascinated and motivated Dr. Kress was my hotlines in public education programs adopted later by the National Cancer Institute,” Mirand said.

Since then, his list of accomplishments has grown. Mirand was given the Health Award of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award and the facility’s library was named in his honor. Dr. Mirand was the driving force behind the establishment of the Roswell Park Graduate Division of the University of Buffalo in 1955, where he served as the dean for 30 years and saw more than 2,000 students graduate as well as the highly prestigious Summer Research Program for high school and college students. Dr. Mirand also developed the cancer (CAN-DIAL) and AIDS hotlines which were adopted later by the National Cancer Institute.

After decades of dedicated work, Dr. Mirand officially retired in 1997, but it was not in his plans to truly walk away from the institution he had called home for so many years.

Since that time he has continued to serve as chair of the Dr. Roswell Park Society, made up of individuals who have arranged for a planned gift to be given to Roswell Park.

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Additionally, he has served as special advisor to the president, Art Committee member and Institute archivist. The Art Committee curates the hundreds of pieces of art which exist at Roswell Park. Dr. Mirand has also researched and printed a number of monographs on various administrations at Roswell Park.

He also wrote, published and updated the Legacy and History of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, which chronicles the Institute’s history from 1898 to 2004.

On Monday, Aug. 15, Dr. Mirand celebrated 70 years with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is not only its longest-standing employee, but certainly one who has had an immeasurable impact on the facility.