Lucy’s 7 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Life

Every other Tuesday, Lucy Volland volunteers in Roswell Park’s gift shop – a gig she’s held for 33 years. The work keeps her active and energetic, but the decades of service are a testament to her kind-hearted spirit and generosity. There are over 500 volunteers at Roswell Park, but Lucy is truly one of a kind.

At age 93, her longevity is inspirational. She says volunteering is what keeps her young, but the truth lies in simply enjoying life.

Lucy shares her secrets to health and happiness and the reasons behind her big smile and even bigger heart:

Stay positive. “I always try to think positive and look on the bright side of everything. There no sense in worrying.“

Enjoy life. “You have to enjoy life. I try to do something every day that I enjoy. That’s why I’ve volunteered for 33 years. I really enjoyed Roswell Park and the people I met, so I never left.“

Don’t stress. “I don’t worry about getting sick or that things will go wrong. I just take one day at a time and enjoy it as much as I can.”

Get involved. “My mother had nine children and still found time to volunteer at Buffalo VA Medical Center twice a week. She always told us to find the time in our lives to give back.”

Stay active. “I try to keep busy. If you stay active I think you feel a little younger and enjoy life a little more.”

Be thankful. “There is always someone in a worse situation than you so be thankful for what you have.”

Be happy. “I think being happy keeps me healthy.”

Lucy was recognized by WKBW Channel 7 for her commitment to Roswell Park. Watch the video to learn more of Lucy’s story.

If you are interested in joining Roswell Park’s team of volunteers, please contact the Volunteer Office at 716-845-5708 or fill out a Volunteer Application Form.