Nursing at Roswell Park is a Team Effort

"The people who work here and the patients who pass through our doors consistently amaze me."

Upon learning I had won the DAISY Award, I immediately thought of several different groups of people: the two patients who had nominated me, the incredible team I work with at Roswell Park, and my family.

It is such an honor to be nominated for this award by two different people. The patients we treat are supposed to be focusing on themselves. For them to take the time to nominate me is a humbling, overwhelming feeling. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the DAISY Award ceremony, but I was emotional while watching the recap video, seeing both patients read their nominating letters.

As grateful as I am, I want to be very clear — I do not consider this honor to be an individual achievement. The DAISY Award belongs to my entire team on 6 West. We work together and we’re a family. We rely on each other for support and I know that I wouldn’t have been nominated without them. Nursing at Roswell Park is truly a team effort.

I also would not have received this award without the underlying inspiration of my family, specifically my mother — a woman who has never failed to amaze me, and who also happened to be a nurse.

As a high school student, I was not sure I had wanted to follow in my mother’s footsteps, but I decided to attempt entering health care through becoming a nurse’s aide. At the time, I thought I would have been quite content staying in that position, but my family encouraged me to greater aspirations. They could sense my further interest in the medical field and inspired me to enter pre-med.

A few years in, I determined medical school was not for me. I felt something was missing: the bedside care. Continuing as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) while in school (and finishing my pre-med studies), I was inspired to attend the University at Buffalo’s nursing program. I started working at Roswell Park shortly after and immediately appreciated what I saw — Roswell Park’s commitment to care.

Thirteen years later, I still consider myself very blessed with this job. Working at Roswell Park is a privilege and an ongoing learning experience from patients. In order to enjoy your life, you must enjoy your work, and I’m happy to say that I love what I do. Roswell Park is a hopeful and encouraging place, and the people who work here and the patients who pass through our doors consistently amaze me.