Resources for Leukemia Patients & Families

  • Jeffrey Baron, PharmD, consults with staff in Roswell Park's Leukemia Clinic

A Full Menu of Services — All in One Location

A number of challenges can arise after a leukemia diagnosis, including concerns related to nutritional needs, financial and legal matters, emotional well-being and assistance in the home. Your Roswell Park team includes physical therapists, pain management experts, dietitians, psychologists, financial and legal advisors and many other professionals who can help you and your family manage those issues. We provide specialized and supportive services in one location for greater convenience, coordination of care, and close communication among the members of your Roswell Park team.

Specialized Dental Care

Good oral health is especially important for leukemia patients, because some cancer treatments can cause dental complications. Our Department of Oral Oncology will monitor your oral health before, during and after treatment, to help prevent and manage any complications.

Specialized Psychological and Survivorship Care

Leukemia and its treatment can trigger intense anxiety and cause physical symptoms that interfere with everyday life. Our Survivorship & Supportive Care Center and Psychosocial Oncology Department offer the services you may need to cope with these challenges.

Our Psychosocial Oncology team includes licensed social workers, psychologists, a psychiatrist and a board-certified mental health nurse practitioner to help you deal with the emotional and psychological effects of your diagnosis. Psychiatric support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you have completed treatment, our Survivorship & Supportive Care Center will help put you on the road to a healthy, happy future with nutrition advice, financial and legal aid services for issues related to your diagnosis, fertility counseling, and wellness programs ranging from massage therapy and yoga to qi gong and meditation. The team will help you manage any lingering side effects, such as pain, fatigue or neuropathy, and will advise you about the screening and preventive care you’ll need as a cancer survivor.

Leukemia, Lymphoma & Hodgkin Disease Support Group

The chance to connect with other leukemia patients is a source of strength for many people. Roswell Park’s Leukemia, Lymphoma and Hodgkin Disease Support Group, which meets monthly at Roswell Park, provides educational and emotional support. For more information, call 716-845-8665 or email

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