Monday, August 10, 2020

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The in-person TCT Patient Reunion for this summer has unfortunately been canceled. However, we invite you to join us for a virtual celebration — hear from fellow patients, survivors and caregivers and leave messages of well wishes for one another starting on Monday, August 10, 2020.

Virtual Messages

Dr. Philip McCarthy welcomes you to the Virtual TCT Patient Reunion.
Sr. Margaret Carney provides welcoming remarks for the TCT Virtual Patient Reunion.

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First, a very large thank you to the TCT Department, Dr. McCarthy, all the PAs, nurses and managers as well as all the Roswell health care professionals throughout the hospital... from the phlebotomy department to Dr. Hernandez in the Lymphoma department to the main hospital, physical therapy, nutrition, dental, imaging, and even food service and housekeeping. Everyone was helpful and expert at their work all through my chemotherapy sessions and bone marrow transplant procedure.
Second, It’s been almost 9 months since the transplant in early November and right now... knock on whatever wood is available... I feel like I never had lymphoma and that the past few years of treatments never happened. I guess it’s like the Servpro disaster recovery service TV commercials: “Like it never really happened.” Although anything can happen with my health and the future, I feel that because of the treatment I received at Roswell I will have many more years to enjoy family and friends and hopefully not annoy them too much! (Big grin there) We in the Western New York area are lucky to have such a wonderful facility available to us.
Steve J.
So very grateful for the amazing group of dedicated Doctors & Nurses that have been such an intricate part of my journey. I have survived 4-1/2 years with their constant care. Special recognition to my wonderful Dr. Ross♥️♥️ Kathleen P.
Hi everyone I just love to say that I appreciate the wonderful Doctors and staff at Roswell. Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Ross and all the wonderful nurses and all of the workers. All my years of coming and being a patient at Roswell I can truly say that I have never met a RUDE person. Thank you Roswell family. Abe Glover
Dear Dr. McCarthy,
Glad I made last year's reunion. I hope all is well with you and Roswell Park. I am still based in Austin and it was definitely worth the trip for the care at Roswell Park. To all of those reading, I had my BMT in 2001 and still going strong.
Norm B.
A very heartfelt Thank You to all of those associated with the TCT clinic. In October I will achieve my one year birthday. It is truly a blessing that I do not take for granted or lightly. Every day is such a joy. This is my second treatment for B-cell Lymphoma and I am quite confident that all cancer cells have been destroyed. I will do whatever fundraising I can with the additional time you gave me to advance the research to eliminate this terrible disease. Jay M.
I am truly thankful for Roswell and the staff. I’ve been on this journey since October 2016. I had my transplant in March 2017. Dr. McCarthy and staff has taken great care of all my experiences I have gone through. Dr. Griffiths in leukemia has been by my side as well. The absolute best feeling knowing you are not going through this alone. Keeping in touch with fellow transplant patients is nice too. We have gone to past reunion in person hopefully next year we will be able to attend once again person. It was a very nice inspiring time. Ed B.
Thank You! I’m a multiple myeloma patient and on the 29th of this month, I will celebrate 3 years since my transplant. HOORAY!!! I thank God and all of the very caring people at Roswell and my family for helping me through this journey. And as a bonus, my whole family is very versed on infection control, so all of this COVID fear has been manageable. Another thing to be thankful for!!! God Bless and be safe. Hopefully, next year will be better (I have thought about having that tattooed on my arm). Just kidding Dr McCarthy! Laura R.
A big shout out to Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Ross, Dr. Chen, as well as the wonderful nurses, especially Sandra T. The entire Department is top-notch, they all took excellent care of me as I had two autologous transplants.
Hoping all my transplant friends are doing well. Stay healthy and safe!