CCSG Shared Resource Advisory Committees

Roswell Park currently supports 20+ scientific shared resources that provide our investigators with access to a broad range of scientific instrumentation, technical and analytical applications, sample biorepositories and more. Our shared resources perform a highly valuable role in facilitating basic, clinical and translational scientific research.

In March & September, the Shared Resource Advisory Committees (SRACs) meet to review performance, services, billing rates and long-term strategic planning. The SRAC members are primarily current users; they make recommendations, provide technical expertise, offer an independent/unbiased sounding board, and assist respective shared resource leadership in determining important initiatives. Other responsibilities include determining the mission and purpose of the shared resource, articulating the goals, means, and primary constituents to be served by the shared resource, ensuring effective planning, monitoring and strengthening of services and ensuring adequate financial resources.

Our SRAC members are listed below:

Resource Resource Directors Chair Administrative Contact
Advanced Tissue Imaging Shared Resource Agnieszka Witkiewicz
Erik Knudsen
Marco Davila Jennifer Panaro
Bioinformatics Shared Resource Song Liu
Jianmin Wang
Alan Hutson
Lei Wei
Dominic Smiraglia Meegan Becker
Bioanalytics Metabolomics & Pharmacokinetics Shared Resource Dean Tang
Andrew Goey
Spencer Rosario
Igor Puzanov Susan Bechtel
Biomedical Research Informatics Shared Resource Alan Hutson
Tao Liu
Kelly Jans
Stephen Edge Meegan Becker
Biostatistics & Statistical Genomics Shared Resource Alan Hutson
Kris Attwood
Qianqian Zhu
Mary Reid Meegan Becker
Comparative Oncology Shared Resource Sandra Sexton David Goodrich Carol Spierto
Data Bank & BioRepository Shared Resource Christine Ambrosone
Warren Davis
Annmarie Nowak
Song Yao Gregory Ciupak
Drug Development Core Shared Resource Katerina Gurova
Henry Withers
Andrei Gudkov Bruce Specht
Experimental Tumor Models Shared Resource Barbara Foster
Michael Moser
Wendy Huss Susan Bechtel
Flow & Image Cytometry Shared Resource Kai Fu
Hans Minderman
Sharon Evans Tracy Durski
Gene Targeting & Transgenics Eugene Yu
Aimee Stablewski
Katerina Gurova Jennifer Panaro
Translational ImmunoOncology Joanna Stanson
Pawel Kalinski
  Tracy Durski
Genomics Shared Resource Prashant Singh
Sean Glenn
Irwin Gelman Jamie Genovese
Hematologic Procurement Shared Resource Eunice Wang Michael Nemeth Kelley Shanahan
Immune Analysis Facility Peter Maslak
Joanna Stanson
Gurkamal Chatta  
Pathology Network Shared Resource Carl Morrison
Wiam Bshara
Nancy Crenshaw
Devi Jeyachandran
Angela Omilian Amy Troutman
Translational Imaging Shared Resource Mukund Seshadri
Joseph Spernyak
Daryl Nazareth Bruce Specht