Image Analysis Software

The software "UNC-Roswell Park Prostate Cancer Image Analysis Software" was developed by Swaroop Singh, Desok Kim, Gary Smith and James Mohler at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Java Webstart implemention was done by VMT LLC. Java Webstart is required to run this software.

The image analysis software is developed on a Java platform and incorporates all features of previous versions. The software can be deployed on a variety of platforms with several versions of the software running at the same time without conflict. The program is associated with a Web browser and can be downloaded from our website. Once downloaded, Web connection is no longer required. Updates/changes can be periodically downloaded from our website.

The software analyses immunostained color image for the intensity of the immunopositive nuclear stain quantified by Mean Optical Density (MOD), percentage of positive immunostaining denoted by (i) Percent Positive Nuclei (PPN) and (ii) Percent Positive Area (PPA) and Nuclear Roundness Factor (NRF). This approach allows us to directly compare AR protein expression with other biologically relevant phenomena such as proliferation, apoptosis, and AR gene amplification on a cell-by-cell basis.

Installation Notes: Please follow the steps in the following order.
Install Java Webstart
Right click and save the unc.jnlp file to local computer.
Double click on unc.jnlp to download/execute the software.
Optional: Download Image Pro Plus Macro (to IPP/scripts) and environment file (to IPP).

Downloads available in .zip file:
Java Webstart
Image Analysis Software (unc.jnlp)

Image Pro Plus Macro ( RGBDataCollect.scr)
Image Pro Plus Environment (Swaroop01.env)
Image Analysis Software Manual (UNC-RPCI IA Manual.pdf)