Edwin Yau, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Oncology
Department of Medicine
Department of Cancer Genetics & Genomics
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
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Areas of Expertise: 
Lung Cancer
Special Interests: 
Personalized therapy in lung cancer
Genomic profiling
Therapeutic development for KRAS mutant solid tumors
Functional genomic screens
Drug discovery
Biomarker assay development with ctDNA
Epigenetics and epitranscriptomics
Non-coding RNA (microRNAs and lncRNAs)


I received a combined M.D. and PhD. Degree from the University at Buffalo. I then went on to UC San Diego in the physician-scientist training pathway for my residency and fellowship training where I also did a fellowship in Cancer Therapeutics Development, working in the lab of Tariq Rana on non-coding RNAs, RNA modifications, and large scale genomic screens using CRISPR-Cas9 in tumor xenografts. It is a privilege to return to Buffalo to serve patients and to join the research endeavor here at Roswell Park.


Education and Training: 
2002-2011 - MD - University at Buffalo
2002-2011 - PhD - University at Buffalo, Department of Pharmacology
2011-2013 - Internal Medicine, UC San Diego
2015-2017 - Cancer Therapeutics Training Program, UC San Diego
2013-2016 - Hematology/Oncology, UC San Diego
Board Certification: 
Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine

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