Office of Research Subject Protection

The Office of Research Subject Protection at Roswell Park is dedicated to:

  • Advancing responsible and ethical research practices, to ensure that the subject's rights, dignity and welfare of subjects are protected;
  • Minimizing the risks associated with such endeavors in accordance with the Belmont Report, by providing oversight, education and monitoring;
  • Providing education for investigators, research and administrative staff, and board members;
  • Fostering a culture of compliance oversight for protection of research subjects and enhancing protections for those in research studies;
  • Advocacy for research subjects, especially those who are vulnerable and/or susceptible to manipulation and exploitation; and
  • Providing current and prospective research participants with information in order to make decisions about participation in research studies.

If you are interested in participating in a research study, currently enrolled in a research study, or have questions you would like addressed by someone unaffiliated with a specific research study to:

  • Discuss problems, concerns and questions;
  • Obtain information; and
  • Offer input.

Please contact the Office of Research Subject Protection/Institutional Review Board at 716-845-3455. Learn more by visiting our page.