Office of Research Subject Protection

The Office of Research Subject Protection at Roswell Park is dedicated to:

Advancing responsible and ethical research practices, to ensure that the subject's rights, dignity and welfare of subjects are protected.

Minimizing the risks associated with such endeavors in accordance with the Belmont Report, by providing oversight, education and monitoring.

Providing education for investigators, research and administrative staff, and board members.

Fostering a culture of compliance oversight for protection of research subjects and enhancing protections for those in research studies.

Promotion and advocacy for research subjects, especially those who are vulnerable and/or susceptible to manipulation and exploitation.

Providing current and prospective research participants with information in order to make decisions about participation in research studies.

If you are interested in participating in a research study, currently enrolled in a research study, or have questions you would like addressed by someone unaffiliated with a specific research study to:

  • Discuss problems, concerns and questions.
  • Obtain information.
  • Offer input.

Please contact the Institutional Review Board or the Patient Advocate Office at 716-845-4928. Learn more by visiting our page.