Survivor Squad

It was pretty strange when Alex started to get winded just from climbing a flight of stairs. At 16, he was an active athlete, playing soccer four or five nights a week and doing CrossFit. Even other kids’ parents could tell something was off.

When she was almost 11, Kayla was mysteriously sick for two months. First her doctors thought she had a cold or mono, and then a stomach bug. Her blood work showed that her white blood cell count was through the roof.

When Ra’Quan was 12 years old, he did not understand what having cancer meant, so when his mom told him that he had a bone tumor, the severity of the situation did not immediately strike him.

Although Alexis is only 9 years old, cancer has been a part of her young life for nearly three years. Long trips from Jamestown to Roswell Park for treatment are not easy, but she finds ways to stay positive by listening to her favorite music, staying active and embracing those around her.