Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

One of the advantages is that it can result in less pain during recovery. “Pain from the prepectoral implant procedure may be less painful, or may be equivalent to the pain from a subpectoral implant,” Dr. Moon said.
Mohs surgery offers a more efficient and advanced approach that makes it less likely that the cancer will return, because surgeons will make small excisions on the same day until they are satisfied that the cancer has been removed.
Some cancer patients have to undergo extensive surgery that dramatically alters their appearance, often causing great emotional distress. Thanks to the work of Dr. Vladimir Frias, Director of Maxillofacial Prosthetics, they can look like themselves again.
Before she left Roswell Park that day, Karen’s surgery had been scheduled and all her necessary preoperative tests and clearances were completed. “No more extra trips and appointments."

In recent months, many news outlets have featured stories about the rising rates of women with breast cancer choosing elective double mastectomies. The reasons why these patients opt for healthy breast removal are very personal, but Dr. Kazuaki Takabe and Dr. Jessica Young joined us on Facebook Live to discuss the medical considerations surrounding this trend.

I’m not one to worry about what comes next. I live in the moment. That’s the attitude I had nearly 20 years ago when I was first treated for breast cancer, and that’s how I took it two years ago when a routine mammogram showed that my cancer had come back. I was not the least bit concerned about having a mastectomy. But this time, after the mastectomy, my surgeon suggested that I consider breast reconstruction.

For women whose breast cancer treatment includes a mastectomy, surgical breast reconstruction can be key to not just their physical recovery, but emotional health as well.