Nurse of the Month

“It’s nice to see them light up, especially on hard days, when they talk about their interests or pets or their family members.”
“I like that on somebody’s worst day, we can be a bright spot to them."
As the oldest of six siblings, he thinks the ability to care for people is second nature for him.
“People need to go through those emotions and they need to have someone who can help take care of them."
"I tell the patients I’m not here for the doctors, I’m an advocate for you."
"I love being a research nurse because I feel like I make a difference in the care of my patients."
“No matter the situation, I want to make sure that person is comfortable, that they understand what’s happening and aren’t afraid."
“Everyone’s qualified, so passionate, so positive, and that’s what gets us to the point where we can complete the common goal, to give the patients as much care and treatment success as possible."
“Ultimately, it’s the team I work with. I honestly love each and every person,” she says.
“I am a member of a team, working along with our other staff, the patients, their families and their friends, all of us working together toward the best outcome for the patient.”
"Feeling like I was sought after made me feel like I wanted to work here; even as a student, my work was valued,” she says.

Vince Paluch, RN, AAS, did not set out to be a nurse. He was looking for a job in education when he decided to explore healthcare as a career.