Head and Neck

One-Day Jaw Reconstruction is a revolutionary procedure that removes tumors or cancers of the jaws and fully rehabilitates the patient with a new jaw, dental implants and teeth all in one surgery.
What does throat cancer feel like? What signs should you look for?

The mouth (oral cavity) is one of the most easily accessible regions in our body. Yet sadly, oral and head and neck cancers referred to as squamous cell carcinomas are often detected in the advanced stages.

He won’t admit it, but Philip McCarthy, MD, is in the business of saving lives. He gives his patients hope; he gives families hope. He’s a world-renowned physician who has dedicated his career, his passion and his life to providing advanced stem cell transplants to hematological cancer patients.

Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS) can be used to treat certain patients with specific cancers of the head and neck.