Donor Center

“We transfuse more platelet products here at Roswell Park than all other hospitals in Western New York combined.”
“There’s an ongoing need, and some days it’s worse than others."

Many of our patients need platelet transfusions on a daily basis because of the type of care they’re getting. Platelets are formed in the bone marrow, and patients with blood cancers are often not able to produce their own platelets.

When you’re a teenager, your whole life is in front of you. Luci Takas was a varsity swimmer, an avid skier and CrossFit athlete. Then something didn’t seem right.

I knew Brian from refereeing ice hockey. Our group of friends had been involved in youth hockey for decades; we were a close and giving community. Then, about 11 years ago, Brian was diagnosed with cancer.

In honor of Blood Donor Appreciation month, Cancer Talk is spotlighting a pair of Roswell Park’s most committed donors. Between them, Richard Casseri and Dan McCue have been donating platelets to Roswell Park patients for a combined 76 years.

January marks National Blood Donor Month. There is a significant, ongoing need for blood and blood products at Roswell Park to ensure an adequate supply for patients undergoing cancer treatments or surgery.

If a family member or friend is going through cancer treatment at Roswell Park, you may find yourself looking for a way to become actively involved.