Amy Stockinger, Senior Project Manager of Capital Projects at Roswell Park, likes the early morning quiet she has been witness to during 11 years working here. She has watched many a sunrise over the sleepy city as she waits for construction workers to arrive.

Out in Roswell Park’s front circle, Kim Sweeney and Chris Dibble are helping unload stacks of pizza boxes from a delivery van. The sheet pizzas are a donation providing lunch for Roswell Park’s frontline workers.

Cancer doesn't wait, even during a pandemic. Whether you are a patient or newly diagnosed, our experts are here to answer important questions about receiving cancer care at Roswell Park during this pandemic.

As donations of food have poured in from all corners of the community, Aquell found a way he could help: he jumped in to distribute meals to the rest of the staff. He’s been humbled by the outpouring of care from the rest of Western New York.
Our experts will be there for you in a special way during a 30-minute television special on WGRZ Channel 2, which will air on Monday, May 18, at 7:30 p.m.
Recently, clinic employees have slipped into a new role as counselors for staff and faculty. Each day, the clinic team eases the anxieties of other employees, remaining strong in their role as the caretakers of Roswell Park.
Some protocols we follow during COVID-19 are not a departure from standard operations for us. We believe the time to prepare for any emergency response effort, including a pandemic response, is every day before it happens, so that when it does, we are not scrambling to do something different, but rather relying on the training, systems and solutions we already know.

“They know it’s scary, but they never hesitate. It’s about the patients,” Renee DeWald, Clinical Nurse Manager of the 6 North and 5 East floors at Roswell Park, says of the staff on 6N, the designated floor for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Ashley Keppel draws upon the memory of her late friend, Jake Madonia, to inspire her day-to-day at Roswell. A nurse manager at Roswell, and later a patient, Madonia taught Keppel that patient advocacy would be one of her biggest roles as a nurse.

Wearing a mask helps people who may be infected with COVID-19 but not showing symptoms from unknowingly spreading the infection to someone else.

Single dad Chris Bosley is currently in his second monthlong stay at Roswell Park for treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML). During his first hospitalization, back in December, he saw his parents every day and, best of all, his son three times a week.

What is a pulse oximeter? Your healthcare provider may have clipped this little device onto the end of your finger when you visited the hospital or your doctor’s office.