alternative medicine

“The evidence shows that acupuncture works really well to help with side effects, including digestive issues and neuropathy in the hands and feet.”
Roswell Park has a medical marijuana policy that addresses the needs and concerns of patients, caregivers, and practitioners who are registered with the NYS Medical Cannabis Program.

Cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, has been used both medicinally and recreationally for thousands of years, but its use as medicine remains highly controversial. Medical cannabis can be used to alleviate certain symptoms related to cancer and its treatment.

Many different kinds of psychological interventions can help cancer patients deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of cancer and its treatment. One type of intervention that has shown great promise is mindfulness, and a mindfulness study is now open at Roswell Park for patients with advanced breast cancer.

Green fields and forests might feel like the furthest thing from the sterile, bright, high-tech rooms where modern medical research is performed, so it’s easy to forget that it was outside, in those green spaces, where medicine got its start.

Recently, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center started an integrative medicine pilot program for pediatric and young adult patients with the hope of easing the side effects of their cancer treatments.