More test results available on the MyRoswell patient portal

image of person using the MyRoswell patient portal on a tablet

You'll need to opt-in to receive additional reports, test results and clinical notes

Additional patient test results are now available via the MyRoswell Patient Portal. This includes the following:

  • Finalized Pathology and Radiology notes
  • Cardiopulmonary reports, including echocardiogram, pulmonary function test and electrocardiogram
  • Endoscopy reports, including GI endoscopy and bronchoscopy

We will also be making available historical notes, including all test results for which we have electronic records.

This change means that you may see your test results before your care team has had a chance to review them.

Radiology, Pathology and other laboratory reports require advanced medical training for proper interpretation. Waiting to review these results with your physician and clinical team is strongly encouraged. Your healthcare team can help you to fully understand the results.

If you would like to be notified when a new result or clinic note becomes available in the portal, you can opt-in to receive an email or text message notification by following this simply process:

  1. Log into the MyRoswell patient portal and navigate to the “Preferences” tab on their navigation bar.
  2. From there, navigate to the “Notification Preferences” section and select the channels where the user would like to receive notifications.
  3. Press update to save the preferences.

If you do not opt-in to receive these notifications, you will be updated about your test results the next time you speak with your care team.

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