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On the Front Lines: Employee Health Clinic

During the last month, the Employee Health Clinic has seen 90 to 100 people a day. The average volume at the clinic last year was 64 people a day. Usually for Roswell Park employees, the clinic is well tucked away; most staff visit it only when it’s time for our annual flu shot or PPD test. But it is there every day, supporting the employees of Roswell Park.

Recently, clinic employees have slipped into a new role as counselors for staff and faculty. Each day, the clinic team eases the anxieties of other employees, remaining strong in their role as the caretakers of Roswell Park.

Often, the team triages the ailments of employees: checking those with chest pain, suturing cuts received in the lab, and administering new employee health exams.

“I look for people with emergency room experience, people who function well under pressure,” says Jan Kozakiewicz, clinic manager, of her hiring process over the last 13 years.

As the novel coronavirus spread and became a pandemic, Kozakiewicz said the clinic team “rolled up their sleeves,” and readied themselves for whatever was to come their way. They have performed employee and pre-operative patient swab tests for COVID-19, assuaged concerns over symptoms and banded together to help fellow employees, all without batting an eye. They’ve set up a “drive through” testing clinic and perform additional testing outside of standard hours as well.

From Employee Health Clinic veterans to the newly deployed, Kozakiewicz knows she has a special team.

“They are dedicated to the medical profession, and they became what they are because of their true calling,” she says.

Each day includes a team huddle, a sort of group therapy session to discuss experiences and come back down to reality. To ensure the team is maintaining its own health, the clinic holds a team lunch time, with seats in the waiting area spaced out to maintain a safe physical distance. Clinic employees focus on promoting their team and working to stay on the same page.

Thank you, Employee Health Clinic, for your dedication to Roswell’s mission and employees!

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The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly. To read the latest information on Roswell Park’s response and find additional resources, visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page.

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