On the Front Lines: Ashley Keppel

Ashley and her mom
Pictured: Ashley Keppel (left) with her mom

Ashley Keppel draws upon the memory of her late friend, Jake Madonia, to inspire her day-to-day at Roswell. A nurse manager at Roswell, and later a patient, Madonia taught Keppel that patient advocacy would be one of her biggest roles as a nurse. Now, Keppel feels that her daily mission is to do right by her patients.

Keppel has taken on a lot in the past few years: she worked as a telephone interviewer at Roswell while she completed nursing school; then, after a brief stint at St. Mary’s in Lewiston, she started working nights at Roswell in 2013. When a position as a clinical nurse manager opened up, she wasn’t sure it would be a great fit, but she was encouraged by Madonia and Renuka Iyer, MD, to apply. And now, she’s taken on additional duties as the Clinical Nurse Manager of the Gastrointestinal Center in Ambulatory Services.

Recently, Keppel feels honored to be part of a new group at Roswell Park: she has been asked to join high-level meetings regarding the COVID-19 situation. “I take patient advocacy very seriously,” Keppel says of her additional duties, adding that she often surprises herself by speaking up in those meetings. “I love my team, I love GI, I love Roswell, and I have amazing employees!”

In her free time, Ashley loves to travel with her family, play soccer and learn to cook. Ashley also has a French Bulldog named Brie, named after the soft French cheese she enjoys as a treat. Years ago, she was a contestant on “The Price is Right” and won $4,000 for charity.

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