How to Support Someone with Cancer

When a loved one is going through cancer treatment, it can be difficult to know what to say or do. Every individual is different, and what is helpful to one person may not be to another. Recently our Facebook followers shared some things they wish their loved ones had known, said or done.

  • This goes for anyone: Treat me as you would have with or without cancer. Don’t tell me you know how I feel unless you have experienced cancer. – Linda
  • I wish they would have called more often just to say, “Hi, how are you doing?" That's all, just so you know they care. – Chaun
  • Sit with me and put your arm around me. Play Parcheesi with me, even though you don't like it! – Susan
  • I didn't want to sleep all the time, and I could not help my lack of energy. Also, it was so hard to ask for meals, but it is what I needed the most. – Sharon
  • Don’t say you’re here for me if I need anything and then never call or come around. Cancer patients need people to act without having to be asked, because it is hard to ask for help all the time. – Jennifer
  • Don't treat me like a fragile flower. Cancer may bend and weaken my spirits at times, but I have strong roots. – Heather
  • That being on the peripheral edge of loved ones' / friends' lives feels awful — for others to accept my limitations, but keep me in the loop on things. And MEALS! So that I don't have to cook, please. And thank you. :) – Jess
  • As others have mentioned, negative, unsolicited, ill-informed advice from others is not helpful. – JR
  • Not everyone going through cancer needs a psychologist. Keeping to yourself or being sad is a part of the process. – Julia
  • Every day is important to me, and I have adventures to make. – Patricia

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