Sending Thanks to Our Phlebotomists


For cancer patients, a needle prick is never just a needle prick. Getting blood drawn can come with fear and anxiety about what the results may show. In a world filled with scans, tests, poking and prodding, blood work is yet another step in the treatment journey and can add to exhaustion. That’s where phlebotomists come in. These individuals work tirelessly to not only draw blood samples as quickly and painlessly as possible, but also to attempt to put a smile on the faces of their patients.

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We’re proud to have a team of phlebotomists who go above and beyond. Here are some kind words shared by grateful patients:

  • I had 12 chemos and twice that many blood draws, and even though I don't know their names, every one of them did an excellent marks. Thank you all. – Barbara
  • Dwayne is the man! He has the best sense of humor and always makes me smile!! – Judy
  • I think I saw every phlebotomist during my chemo and they were all wonderful! – Candice
  • While all the phlebotomists I've dealt with at Roswell Park are excellent at their jobs, the man in this photo (whose name I do not know) is my favorite phlebotomist. He makes me laugh every time I'm there, and he has the most awesome selection of sneakers, too. Yet another Roswell Park professional who makes a tough situation a little better for patients. Thanks for all you do! – JR
  • And a shout out to Justine also! – Susan
  • Everyone there is special, they all work together as a team. I love them all, to God be the glory. – Jacqueline
  • Dwayne is amazing! Thank you for all your kindness to John during our journey to health! – Gail