What Makes an Oncology Pharmacy Unique?

Pictured: Sarah Schultz and Roswell Park's pharmacists work with patients’ in-house treatment teams to provide personalized care.

Roswell Park unveiled its brand new pharmacy this past spring, offering a convenient way for patients to retrieve prescriptions without having to make extra stops after leaving the hospital. However, the Roswell Park Pharmacy provides more than just convenience. So what makes an oncology pharmacy, specifically ours, different?

Unique Expertise

Oncology pharmacies focus on the very best medications equipped to fight cancer. Our team is specially trained to provide patients with medication that best suits their treatment plan. All of Roswell Park’s pharmacists are fully equipped to provide education and consulting to patients and their families whenever necessary.

Private Consultations

We want our patients to be completely informed about the treatment they receive. Patient education is a major facet of the Roswell Park Pharmacy and we believe that patients should not leave with any lingering questions or concerns. With that in mind, our pharmacists are available for one-on-one meetings in our private consultation room.

In this setting, patients may ask questions they have or share concerns regarding their medication. Together, we discuss every aspect of the patient’s treatment plan, including possible side effects. If questions remain, even after consultation, patients may always call us at 716-845-8999. A pharmacist is available after regular hours for medication-related inquiries.

Personalized Service

In addition to receiving consultation from a dedicated team of oncology pharmacists, our patients also receive personalized care. As part of Roswell Park’s multidisciplinary approach, we work with patients’ in-house treatment teams and have direct access to their care plans, ensuring that the medication prescribed is the very best one. Having access to one team, including physicians and pharmacists, under the same roof can be a major advantage to those beginning a new treatment plan. We also provide over-the-counter medications and a home delivery service.

Cancer patients require special care and treatment. The Roswell Park Pharmacy, and oncology pharmacies in general, are beneficial and critical to the patient care plan. We strive each day to offer our assistance as best we can while understanding patients’ unique cancer experiences.

The Roswell Park Pharmacy is located on the first floor of the main hospital, next to the Sunflower Café. Call 716-845-8999 for more information.