Leukemia Research and Future Treatments

All Roswell Park physicians who treat leukemia patients also lead active research programs aimed at finding ways to improve patient survival and quality of life. We concentrate on translational research —speeding new discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic to help patients as quickly as possible.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are an important part of our research efforts. They represent the first step in evaluating new treatments that may eventually be approved by the FDA. Roswell Park has a strong clinical trials program, with an average of 15-25 leukemia trials open at any given time. They may involve:

  • The development of new drugs for leukemia, especially targeted therapies and immunotherapy (antibodies and CAR T-cell therapies).
  • Finding new ways to use existing cancer drugs or other therapies.
  • Understanding how leukemia cells multiply and discovering ways to stop them.
  • The discovery of new targets or pathways we can use to attack the disease.

Some of our current studies are examining:

  • Novel anti-leukemia therapies, such as inhibitors of FLT3 and IDH1/2 mutations in certain AML cells
  • Genetically modified immune (T) cells
  • New antibody formulations
  • Oral chemotherapy substitutes for IV chemotherapy

Search available clinical research studies for leukemia patients at Roswell Park, or call 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355).