Fallopian Tube Cancer

Patients with fallopian tube cancer receive care from specialists who are focused exclusively on the treatment of cancers of the female reproductive system. Our multidisciplinary fallopian tube cancer team includes some of the nation’s leading physicians, surgeons, and radiologists.

You’ll have access to physicians who set the standard for treatment of gynecologic cancers worldwide. Our oncologists are panel members for the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), which creates guidelines outlining the best ways to treat each of the major cancers.

An accurate and comprehensive analysis by a pathologist is critical in determining the best approach to targeted treatment. Our skilled scientists analyze large numbers of specimens and review a high volume of cases. This level of expertise allows them to identify even slight variances, which may distinguish a highly treatable cancer from one that is more aggressive.

We treat all gynecologic cancers with the same level of consideration, whether they are common and highly treatable or extremely rare and aggressive. Fallopian tube cancer symptoms often mimic those of other less serious conditions. Being familiar with the early signs of disease allow us to be vigilant in its early detection.