PDT Research at Roswell Park

PDT was developed at Roswell Park in the 1970s, and the Institute remains a world leader in PDT research. Our ongoing studies focus on improving the therapy for patients who currently have no good standard treatment options. Our mission is to help those patients.

Next-generation photosensitizers

The photosensitizer developed at Roswell Park in the 1970s is called porfimer sodium (brand name Photofrin®). More recently, our researchers have developed new photosensitizers that can reduce your sensitivity to light after treatment.

Working with our global partners

Roswell Park’s Photodynamic Therapy Center exchanges ideas and information with PDT centers across the nation and around the world, publishing research, participating in international conferences, and conducting joint research. We are currently working with other researchers in the U.S. to develop new PDT treatments using advanced technology.