Chemotherapy & Infusion Center at Roswell Park

The Roswell Difference

At Roswell Park, your chemotherapy and infusion treatment regimen will be delivered safely by an oncology nursing team with critical expertise and will focus on what’s best for you at all times.

Expertise - Our skilled nursing staff, with special training in administering chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, will implement the exact treatment plan developed by your Roswell Park physician and pharmacist.

Safety - The knowledge and skill of your chemotherapy nurses ensures safe handling and proper delivery of these powerful drugs.

Experience - We will provide your treatments with compassion and respect and make your comfort during treatment our priority.

What to expect

Your appointment in the Chemotherapy & Infusion Center (CIC) will begin with blood work in our phlebotomy area, conveniently located within the Chemotherapy & Infusion Center. Your results, expected within an hour, will determine whether you’re healthy enough to have treatment that day. That means that if you have an 8 a.m. appointment, the time it takes for lab test results and pharmacy preparation of the drug means that your chemotherapy may not begin until about 9 a.m. It is important that you are aware of this in the event you have to arrange for transportation or any other personal matter. If you are healthy, you’ll be assigned a treatment chair and a nurse who will review your wellbeing, answer any questions, initiate your therapy, and tend to your needs and comfort for the duration of your treatment.

We want your appointment to go as safely and smoothly as possible and we want you to know what to expect so you can plan accordingly. As we strive to provide the best and latest cancer treatments, nothing is more important to us than your safety and your comfort. We welcome your suggestions as to how to make this experience more comfortable for you.

Length of treatment

Administration of chemotherapy in CIC can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours, depending on the treatment protocol, dose, and how it is administered. Those that require more than 10 hours are done in the inpatient area of Roswell or at home. Before your first treatment, ask your doctor how long it should take. For the remaining treatments, you can check with the CIC staff.

During your treatment

CIC has comfortable recliner chairs and individual rooms. The nurses will decide whether you can use the recliner or if you need a room. There are many factors involved, including how busy the schedule is, room availability and whether a person needs to be isolated from others such as those with a weakened immune system. Each recliner has a 13” color TV. Newspapers are also provided for patients.

One visitor at a time is allowed to be with you in the clinic. Please note: to minimize disruption to the other people receiving chemotherapy and to prevent exposing patients with weak immune systems to infection, visitors must be over age 18.

You may bring a snack with you or purchase something at the cafeteria to bring to the CIC. Please avoid foods that have a strong odor as they may cause nausea for the others receiving treatment.

Dress warmly. The CIC may be cool, especially after you have received IV fluids. Blankets are available.

After your session, you’ll be discharged home. We will check in with you by phone within a few days to see how you’re doing.