For a World Without Cancer

In 2007, Roswell Park Cancer Institute launched Yroswell, a program created specifically for Generation Y. The program was created to demystify cancer for the next generation of cancer professionals, patients and advocates. Yroswell is a network of young people — ages 12 to 26 — all working toward “a world without cancer.” Yroswell sponsors and supports programs that reflect three goals: learning, giving and coping.

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Yroswell seeks to inspire and support Generation Y'ers interested in careers in oncology and health care.

We aim to motivate Gen Y'ers to volunteer, fundraise and advocate for a world without cancer and provide them with the resources to do so.

Yroswell supports and connects Gen Y'ers affected by cancer by helping them deal with the emotional impact of the disease.

Watch a live performance of Yroswell's "How Big is Your Heart," promoting cancer awareness and encouraging young people to help build a world without cancer.

Cancer 101: Lesson Plans for Teachers

Teaching students about cancer will not only benefit them educationally, but also help them understand and cope with the disease should they ever experience it in their lives. Cancer 101 includes student reading material, a problem set and problem set answers for the teacher. Some even include an activity to enhance the lesson.