Thank you to all who attended our Survivors Day event on June 4, 2016, a day of story-sharing and personal healing.

"A Hero's Journey" Testimonial

I had a wonderful day. Roswell Park went above and beyond to accommodate all of us. The food was more than generous and absolutely delicious, although that was secondary to all the people I met. I met some extraordinary men and women. I will hold them all in my heart and prayers as they promised to do for me. - Carol, Survivors Day Attendee


Thank you to our special guests:

Fran Yardley
Retreat director, storyteller, writer and workshop leader, Fran is committed to exploring diverse ways to use storytelling for healing. She specializes in creating safe space where participants can discover confidence and joy.

Lani Peterson, Psy.D.
Lani is an award-winning storyteller and has her doctorate in psychology. She aims to help people find their stories, share their stories and come together with a deeper level of connection and understanding.

This program was sponsored by the Jayne and Phil Hubbell Family.