The Latest Innovation in Personalized Medicine

Comprehensive molecular profiling and comprehensive immune profiling are tools used by your physician to help identify therapies that may be most effective for your cancer’s specific genomic makeup.

Innovation Born at Roswell Park

The innovative laboratory tests offered by OmniSeq – an innovation born in the labs at Roswell Park – uncover the genetic clues within your cancer to determine which personalized therapies may work best. Roswell Park is one of only a few cancer centers to be able to routinely offer you this testing.

What is Genomic Profiling?

Gene mutations may be a major cause of cancer. OmniSeq Comprehensive looks for mutations within 144 of the most relevant genes, so doctors can customize treatment precisely for your tumor. When cancer drugs identify and attack cancer cells, they are called ‘targeted therapies’.

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What is Immune Profiling?

The OmniSeq Immune Report Card® test is a comprehensive analysis of your body’s immune response and how it is interacting with your cancer. Using five different testing methods, the report provides physicians with a personalized summary for each patient’s immune profile and potential immunotherapy treatment options.

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Comprehensive Genomic and Immune Profiling

OmniSeq Advance® combines the best of both OmniSeq Comprehensive and Immune Report Card. This single test analyzes both genomic and immuno-biomarkers giving oncologists the information necessary to help to make the best treatment decisions.

These advanced genomic tests utilize tissue from a biopsy that has already occurred and you do not need to schedule an appointment or undergo an additional procedure. Once your cancer has been analyzed, your physician will be provided with a clinical report that details your tumor’s unique disease markers.

You Can Make a Difference

Thanks to generous donations to the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, funds have covered the cost of testing for Immune Report Cards of 709 Roswell Park patients whose doctors determined might benefit from identifying precision-medicine treatment options. Additionally, 200 OmniSeq Advance® tests have been provided and paid for with donations. You can help Roswell Park to pursue innovative research and continue offering the latest in cancer treatment and care.

Targeted therapies, in contrast to traditional chemotherapy and radiation, can potentially be less toxic to you and may exhibit a better treatment response by only attacking the cancer cells. Immunotherapy is a type cancer treatment that works to harness the innate powers of your own immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapies may hold greater potential than current treatment approaches to fight cancer.
Only your doctor can order tests from OmniSeq. A small tumor biopsy will be sequenced with state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technology. This tissue may already be stored from a previous surgery or biopsy. OmniSeq will work with your healthcare team to facilitate testing and provide a detailed report about your cancer to your physician.
Who is a candidate to receive OmniSeq testing? Dr. Dy explains.
Results of OmniSeq testing are returned directly to your doctor. The results include a detailed assessment of your tumor, as well as information about your cancer’s eligibility for targeted therapies or clinical trials.