CanSys: European - US interdisciplinary MS Program in Cancer Biology

Successful exploitation in the biomedical arena requires individuals to interpret large volume biological data-sets. Industrial and academic biomedical employers require researchers to have equal training in both traditional biological laboratory skills and computer-based applications.

The overall goal of the CanSys Program is to address the considerable shortage of such individuals by implementing a world-wide unique interdisciplinary Master's course in systems and cancer biology. CanSys graduates will bring significantly enhanced skills, knowledge and innovation (and consequently employment prospects) to the pharmaceutical and biotechnolgoy sectors and related academic disiciplines.

CanSys unties a tirumvirate of world-class centers to provide a training program that is beyond either a single institute or country.  Learning outcomes will be attained through didactic components and planned research projects. Designing and utilizing computer-based models of biological events will entrich all elements creating the unique interdisciplinary expeience of biological experimentation integrated with systems biology modeling.

Program Format

60 US credits
45 US credits
15 US credits
Research project which draws on all previous components

Program stipends

Stipends are available to cover the semesters spent away from the "home" Institute.

Contact Information

Moray J. Campbell, PhD
Associate Professor of Oncology
Graduate Program
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Elm and Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263