Summer Research Program Frequently Asked Questions for College Students

Applying to the research program

Students who are either college juniors or junior-equivalents (credit-wise) at the time of application and are interested in pursuing an advanced degree towards a biomedical research career should apply.
Both paid and unpaid internships are offered. Paid internships are awarded to applicants based on merit of applications and eligibility for funding source.

Students accepted onto the NCI R25 funding source will receive a subsistence allowance of $6,000 for the ten-week program in 2021. Subsistence allowances may be used to cover cost of food, dormitory lodging (for out-of-town students) and other incidental costs.

If you are part of a C-STEP program you may apply as a Sophomore for two summer's of research experience. Otherwise, we do not accept applications from students who are not either juniors or credit-equivalent of juniors in college at the time of application.
No. Students can provide us with an unofficial transcript from the college they attend. 
All applicants must complete their online application by January 31, 2021.

The program

The 2021 program for college students starts on Monday, June 7 and ends on Friday, August 13.
Applicants should inquire about flexibility in scheduling an internship by emailing their question to, type into the subject line: Program Schedule Flexibility. These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Interns will receive a formal orientation and on-boarding session. Interns will learn real world application of the scientific method while working on their assigned research project in their mentor’s laboratory. The research experience will be supported by a curriculum of learning activities. These include seminars on pertinent cancer topics and professional development activities such as attendance at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center science retreat and visits to local life sciences companies.
You will be working in a Roswell Park research department alongside professional researchers, graduate students and laboratory technicians.
Yes, pending the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with other students. As part of the peer-mentored cross-training activities, you will have the chance to interact with health professional (medical, PA and dental) student interns in the program. You will learn about their clinical projects and take tours of the clinics. These opportunities begin on the first day during orientation and continue through graduation. Virtual interactions and social distancing measures will be implemented, pending the status of the COVID-19 pandemic.
You must be able to commit full time to our program. All students are required to attend every day of the program and to work for a full day. You will not be allowed to take time off during the work week for family vacations, college visits or other appointments.
Students are required to participate in the research experience Monday through Friday for ten weeks. Schedules are eight hours per day (Monday through Friday) for a total of 40 hours per week.
No. The program is a short-term experience and students will not be allowed to take time off for vacation. In an emergency, students who need to take at most one to two days off will be required to make up that time during the program. These arrangements are not guaranteed. Any requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Yes. Dress attire requirements are meant to ensure safety in the laboratories.  This information will be provided in detail to students accepted into the program.

Lodging, meals and transportation

Students who live further than commuting distance from Roswell Park will be provided with a list of available apartment and housing options in Buffalo, NY.
Typical apartment rental rates are anywhere from $800-$1200 per month.
There is a cafeteria on the Roswell Park campus where food service is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the work week and on weekends. Also, there are a variety of restaurants and diners throughout Buffalo featuring local and worldwide cuisine. Interns are responsible for paying for their own meals.
Metro bus and subway lines are available modes of transportation.
Yes. You are required to notify the Associate Dean. Students are not allowed to leave early on Fridays or return late on Mondays to accommodate their weekend plans unless granted permission.

Social activities

Yes, pending the status of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are periodic social activities planned for both weeknights and weekends during the course of the program. These activities are meant for students to bond with their peers and enjoy relaxation time away from their research experience. Participants will receive a program schedule that lists these activities shortly before the program begins.
While 2021 events have not been confirmed yet, events in previous years have included a group picnic, tour of Niagara Falls and trip to Darien Lake Theme Park.