hospital stay

Making Your Stay Comfortable and Safe

Pain relief

Let your nurses know if you are in pain or have an uncomfortable reaction to your pain medication. Relieving or decreasing your pain is an important part of your recovery and our staff will work to make you as comfortable as possible. Roswell Park’s low opioid use policy effectively manages your pain while reducing the amount of opioid medications and their negative side effects. Using less opioids after surgery has many advantages:

  • Your pain is effectively managed.
  • Your recovery will be quicker and less difficult.
  • The risk of addiction and abuse is greatly reduced.
Watch a video about the benefits of managing post-op pain with fewer opioids

Your medications

All your medications will be provided while you are admitted, including medications you normally take at home. Do not bring any medications from home unless your doctor specifically asked you to bring them. Your nurse will answer any questions you have about your medications.

Room service

We are pleased to offer hotel-style room service for your meals during your stay with us. You will be able to eat what you want, when you want.

Upon admission, you will receive a room service menu. To place your order, dial DINE (8888) on your room phone or 716-845-8888 using an outside line. We will assist you with your menu selections and ensure that any therapeutic diet needs ordered by your physician will be met.

Meals are made-to-order and delivered within 30 minutes. You and your family members also can order meals in advance or request a specific delivery time. Guest meals also are available so your family and visitors may dine with you.


If you would like to bathe or take a shower during your stay, please talk to your nurse and make sure to follow his or her instructions.

Mouth care

Continue mouth care to lessen the risk of infection. Brush your teeth and use mouth rinse twice a day.  Your nurse may give you a special chlorhexidine mouth rinse, use it twice a day (after breakfast and at bedtime). Your nurse will perform oral care for you, if you are unable to do it yourself.

Fall prevention

A fall can happen anywhere, but falls in the hospital are a serious threat to patient safety and recovery — and they are common. No fall is harmless. Not only can a fall cause physical injury, it can increase the length of your hospital stay, or cause a loss of confidence or increased fear that affects your willingness to move or be active. Even if falling was not a concern for you before you came to the hospital, being in the hospital and/or having surgery greatly increases your risk. Medication can make you dizzy or change the feeling in your toes and feet. Tubes or lines can tangle you. You may be disoriented from being in an unfamiliar environment, and you may not be sleeping as well as you do at home. Our plan is to partner with you to prevent you from falling and to keep you safe at Roswell Park and at home.

Tips to help keep you safe in the hospital

  • Use your call light to alert us when you need to get up and wait for us to come. We are here to help and only seconds away.
  • ALWAYS tell us if you have fallen recently.
  • Tell us if you feel dizzy, weak, lightheaded or unsteady.
  • If you’re lying down, sit up for a few minutes before you stand. It will help minimize any feelings of dizziness.
  • Use your eyeglasses, hearing aids, walkers, crutches, or braces when walking.
  • Wear shoes or socks with non-skid soles. Avoid floppy slippers, bare feet, flip flops and loose stockings.
  • Keep items you use often within easy reach.
  • Do not bend over to retrieve items on the floor – please ask for help. 
  • Do NOT use your IV pole to help you stand up.  Use your hands to push off the mattress when you stand up. If you cannot do this easily, please ask for help. 
  • Be careful when walking with an IV pole.
  • After you are discharged, continue the fall prevention tips that apply to your home.

TV and phone

Cable television is available in all patient rooms at no cost. A channel guide is provided at your bedside.

Cell phones are allowed in most areas of the hospital including the lobby areas and waiting rooms on the surgical floors. Inpatient care areas, please respect the privacy and quiet time of our patients.

Laptop computer loans

You can borrow a laptop to use while you are in the hospital at no cost. Ask your nurses or call our Resource Center at 716-845-8659. The Resource Center also has a library of popular movies and TV shows available for loan at no cost. A list of DVDs is available at the nursing station.