Important Construction and Safety Notices for Roswell Park Patients

Construction to Begin on 8th Floor of the Hospital

The 8th floor of our main hospital will undergo an exciting transformation over the next year. Construction will begin in early June to relocate the Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) adjacent to the Intensive Care Unit.

To minimize disruption from construction crews, an elevator system is being built outside the hospital for transporting construction materials and personnel. It will extend from the 8th floor windows down to the side of the Radiation Medicine lot. This system reduces traffic through the hospital and allows us to optimize elevators that are intended for patients and staff.

During construction, the entrance to the Radiation Medicine area will remain operational, with fencing separating construction activities from pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Parking Garage Repairs Have Resumed

Routine repairs have begun in the Parking Garage. Crews are performing structural repairs on the columns and beams on a rotating basis, which means that there will be a loss of a few spots in the areas where they are working. 

This is a continuation of last year's work and we are working closely with our contractors to make sure that there are enough spots for our employees and patients to park. Please use caution as you drive and walk through the garage, as traffic patterns may change from one day to the next. There will be cones and fencing to mark areas that should be avoided. 

Immunocompromised patients are encouraged to wear masks in the Parking Garage and may use our Valet Service for $5 at the front circle or the third floor bridge to the Main Hospital, as that floor will not have any construction occurring. Updates will be published at and Patient Transport can be reached if needed at ext. 5718.

Work is expected to continue through mid-September.

Substation Building Construction 

Construction is underway on our substation building and may affect the ability of large trucks to enter the loading dock areas facing Michigan Street. If you are a commercial truck driver and need to make a delivery, please contact our Shipping and Receiving Department at 716-845-3143.