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Carl Morrison


Specializing In:

Molecular Pathology

Special Interests:

Genomic analysis of tumors

About Me


Dr. Carl D. Morrison joined the faculty of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in January 2007, and is currently the Senior Vice President of Scientific Development and Integrative Medicine; Director of the Pathology Resource Network; Clinical Chief, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Director, Division of Molecular Pathology, and Professor of Oncology. Prior to coming to Roswell Park, Dr. Morrison spent five years as faculty at The Ohio State University Medical Center after completing his residency there in Anatomic Pathology. Dr. Morrison is a board-certified pathologist with a Certificate of Qualification in Oncology in NYS who has an interest in both clinical and research areas.

As Senior Vice President of Scientific Development and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Morrison supports the development of new core capabilities and technology platforms in order to conduct highly integrative research across both the basic sciences and clinical care. Dr. Morrison continues to lead the Pathology Resource Network (PRN) at Roswell Park. The overall goal of the PRN is to facilitate access to human biospecimens for IRB-approved investigators with an emphasis on translational efforts. The services offered are quite diverse and serve a unique link between the research and clinical arena. Dr. Morrison started and previously directed the Clinical Data Network (CDN) at Roswell Park. The CDN is the organization of clinical data for research purposes utilizing a federated database approach. The primary goal of the CDN is the promotion of translational research at Roswell Park in a non-human subject research setting.



Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Professor of Oncology
  • Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Senior Vice President, Scientific Development and Integrative Medicine
  • Chief, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
OmniSeq Precision Medicine Technology
  • President & CMO


Education and Training:

  • MD - University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington, KY
  • DVM - Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


  • Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


  • Ohio State University (Cytopathology) Columbus, OH

Board Certification:

  • Anatomic Pathology, American Board of Pathology


Research Overview:

Dr. Morrison has over 100 publications regarding molecular technology that are examples of his understanding of the needs of cutting-edge technologies in both a research and clinical setting. The productivity and impact of Dr. Morrison’s published work is consistent with an h-index of 28, which is based on the set of the author’s most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. While Dr. Morrison has studied and published in many areas of oncology, his most significant findings have been in the area of bone and soft tissue tumors where he described the first recurrent genetic changes in giant cell tumors of bone and chondrosarcomas. Through his research efforts Dr. Morrison has participated as PI or Co-PI for more than 30 grants, many of which were or are funded by the NCI. Complementing Dr. Morrison’s research interests is his clinical involvement as Director Molecular Pathology. In this role he designs, validates and signs out molecular pathology tests that impact patient care on a daily basis.

On a national basis Dr. Morrison is a previous Member of the Molecular Oncology Committee, College of American Pathologists, and is responsible for designing all proficiency testing for in-situ hybridization for all clinical laboratories in the United States. He served as founding member of the Department of Defense (DOD) Lung Integration Panel and currently functions as a member of the External Advisory Board for DOD Lung Cancer Biospecimen Resource Network. More recently, Dr. Morrison is deeply involved in the largest-ever initiative at the National Cancer Institute, The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). Each TCGA is a comprehensive genomic characterization and analysis of the 20 most common cancers. As studies are published through TCGA’s network, the results are freely available to and widely used by the cancer community through the TCGA Data Portal.


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Edelman MJ, Watson D, Wang X, Morrison C, Kratzke RA, Jewell S, Hodgson L, Mauer AM, Gajra A, Masters GA, Bedor M, Vokes EE, Green MJ. Eicosanoid modulation in advanced lung cancer: cyclooxygenase-2 expression is a positive predictive factor for celecoxib + chemotherapy--Cancer and Leukemia Group B Trial 30203.J Clin Oncol. 2008 20;26:848-55.

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