Finding Common Ground

Pictured: Jennifer and her patient, Talia.

I’ve always embraced a more casual style of nursing; my patients have always felt more like friends and family than strangers. I enjoy finding common ground and getting to know their family members. When I took the position as an Oncology Nurse Coordinator, I was worried that I would lose that important connection with my patients that I got from bedside nursing.

That emotional bond that you create with your patients is something that helps cut through the sadness and pain of their diagnosis and journey. Not all of my patients get to have a happy ending. My goal as their Coordinator is to help them understand their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan, and then give them the support they need throughout the entire process.

Sometimes that means chatting about their newest grandchild. Sometimes that means visiting them when they are in the Assessment & Treatment Center or admitted as an inpatient. Sometimes that means calling to check on them after an ER visit. And sometimes, that means taking the time for one last visit before Hospice.

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I’ve never taken my career choice for granted. I always knew that I wanted to take care of people during times when they couldn’t care for themselves. Seeing how this has manifested in my life has been a true blessing.

The DAISY award is special because it comes from the patients. Talia has been a really unique patient in so many ways and I truly appreciate her recognition. She has been the picture of grace throughout her diagnosis and has inspired me to take a deeper look at my own attitude and behavior. As the face and treatment of cancer continues to change, I look forward to the new ways that I can help people through their journey, wherever it will take us.