Where Is It? Roswell Park's Victory Bell Has Moved!

Pictured: Celebrating the end of treatment, Natalie Morley rings the victory bell with a little help from her mom, Ariel Riddick.

At many cancer centers, patients ring a "victory bell" to mark the end of treatment. Roswell Park patients have been ringing out their good news since 2015, when brain cancer survivor Janice Trudnowski presented the hospital with a bell adorned with four angel warriors. 

The Roswell Park victory bell recently moved to a new location, behind the information desk in the main lobby. If you'd like to ring the bell to announce the completion of treatment or another milestone, just ask a nurse or physician.

We'd love to help you celebrate your victories. If you'd like us to capture photos of your special moment, please call 716-845-1671.

To share a photo of your celebration with the rest of the Roswell Park community, post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #RoswellStrong. For the privacy of our other patients and visitors, please include only yourself and your loved ones in the photo